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I carry three different strains of Acacia Confusa root bark normally.

Kona Hawaiian

   Kona is less popular than Honolulu due to the fats and oils. But it is still very good quality. The fats and oils aren't bad, but they can make it more difficult to work with.

   We harvest the Kona ourselves so it is by far the freshest, normally being shipped within a couple days of powdering.

   The Kona has the strongest smell.

   We can offer the Kona as a powder, or shredded, or large whole pieces.

   The color tends to be very light, this is because we dry the product without heat. The color is normally a pale pink, sometimes yellowish.

   When powdered It is ground less finely than Honolulu or taiwanese.

   The bark is harvested sustainably in small amounts by a special from trees in order to allow them to regrow. 

   All hawaiian trees are about 25-50 years old.

Honolulu Hawaiian

   The most popular strain is from Honolulu, it's easy to work with because of less fats and oils.

   It has a darker color most of the time, sometimes it's reddish, most of the time a dark brown.

   It is very finely ground.

   The hawaiian trees are all about 25-50 years old.

Pingtung Taiwanese

   We don't carry the Taiwanese often, because it can be difficult to import.

   The Taiwanese is the least fresh because it takes weeks to ship to us.

   The oil and fat content can vary significantly because

   The Taiwanese is harvested from freshly windfallen trees only, it is very sustainable, the tree age can vary which causes inconsistency in different batches. kona