Nice to see you!
Nice to see you today!
*We are currently very low on stock of Honolulu Hawaii Acacia Confusa, so only 100g amounts are available.
*We will have more Honolulu Hawaiian in late August.
*Now we have lots of very freshed chipped and powdered Kona Hawaii Acacia Confusa.
*Kona Hawaii acacia confusa is different from Honolulu Hawaii acacia confusa. The Kona hawaii strain has more fats and oils, making it more difficult to use, but some people may prefer it. *Honolulu Hawaiian and Taiwanese strains are typically easier to use.
*We also have Ceylon cinnamon, Kratom, and Brugmansia available now.
*I will be responding to emails and txts messages daily, let me know if you have any questions.
*All packages are guaranteed to be delivered.
*If you ever have any questions about the product, the shipping, or your tracking information please contact me by email or by text message to +14248880219 -July 14, 2017